The catboat of the type "Seezunge" (= the german word for "Sole") does exist by now for about 50 years in Germany. It has an interesting start-up history. Its fathers and designers that had been famous in Germany at the time. Her elegant lines are classical and of timeless beauty. And with her friendly face she is exciting now for several decades not only her enthusiasts but anyone who looks at her.

In the various sailing areas throughout Germany there may exist probably some 80-100 boats of this type.

This page offers: 

  • Information about catboats
  • Built-up and maintenance of a boat list
  • Forum for owners, former owners, enthusiasts and friends of the american catboat in Germany and Europe. 

It is being said, that all boats do have an own soul, and this only comes to live by their history and their stories. Please help us to beware the history of this type of boats. We ask for your support in establishing the boat list. And be encouraged to tell your story about your Seezunge or your catboat. In which waters had your boats sailed, which technical changes and additions had been carried out, which adventures had your boat been through? Bewaring of these stories of your catboat will be of sustainable value not only for you but for your boat and for the succeeding generations of owners. You may write in German, English or Dutch, but even any contact in other languages will be answered. I appreciate any catboat related input.