about the Seezunge

Type of boat:
The Seezunge is a sailboat of the type of an american catboat. Technically it is a yacht with a ballasted centreboard  with a cat-rig, i.e. with only one main sail at only one mast which is positioned way in the front of the boat.

Typically it has a centre board and a classic gaff sail. But also numerous versions with a fix keel had been built and also Bermuda sails instead of a gaff rig are also in use. In the country of its origin, the USA the sail area is often somewhat larger than at the Seezunge. A further characteristic is its wide beam. At a length of some 17ft a Seezunge offers an astonishing beam of  8ft, which is a relation of almost 2:1. This extreme ratio causes a very high stability of the boat and at the same time it offers a convenient space inside the cabin. There is as much room as in some 24 ft. keel yacht!


With only one sail its handling is quite easy as only one sheet need to be handled. In addition the retractable centreboard allows the easy access of shallow waters. Its weight of about 2200 lbs makes it an ideal boat for trailering and thus the access of many sail areas.


The  Seezunge had been built in GRP, cold-molded and wood. With classic rigging and wooden spars but also modern rigging with aluminium with Gaff  as well as Marconi-rigs.