books about catboats


Boats of the type of a catboat are originated from America. For those who are interested about further information should have a look at american books. These partly very detailed books had not been translated into other languages. But they offer plenty of information about everything around catboats, historical, catboat-building and design, as well as tales and stories.

Of course all books on gaff rigging are of interest to catboaters, who are using gaff rigs on their catboats.

about catboats, general information and historical 



The Catboat Era, John M. Leavens



The Catboat - A Photographic Album,  Markham Starr



The Catboat Book, John.M. Leavens



Cape Cod Catboats, Stan Grayson



Catboats, Stan Grayson



A Cats- a century of tradition, Gary Jobson and Roy Wilki



Silent Maid - A Catboat History, Ken Mouthford



Compleat Cruiser, L.Francis Herreshoff



The Competitive Cat- Racing Small Gaff-Rigged Catboats, Bill Welch MD

  • Tales and Stories 



The Boy, Me and the Cat, Henry Plummer



Catboat Summers, John E. Conway



Buckrammers Tales, the continuing summers, John E. Conway



Penelope -  Down East, William R. Cheney



Tales of the intracoastal waterway, Roland Sawyer Barth

  • Boatbuilding - Boatdesigns - Designers



American Small Sailing Craft, Howard I.Chapelle



Yacht Designing and Planning, Howard I. Chapelle



Understanding Boat Design, Ted Brewer



Catboats, Benford Design Group 



Build the instant Catboat, Harold H.Payson



Building the Crosby Cat, Barry Thomas



100 Small Boat Rigs, Philip C. Bolger



Bolger Boats- combining small boats and THE Folding Schooner, Philip C. Bolger



Boats with an open mind, Philip C. Bolger

  • Gaff Rigging